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IMPRS Graduates

Since its foundation in year 2002, the International Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology (MarMic) successfully graduated around 200 students. So far 99% of the Master students finished the MSc programme, of which more than 85% entered our PhD programme. Therefore MarMic is an excellent stepping stone for first-class junior scientists.

For a list of PhD graduates and their thesis titles please see below:

PhD Thesis

Name Date Title
Dominik Lücking January 2024 Mechanisms of genetic transfer between archaea and bacteria via membrane vesicles, plasmid vesicles and viruses
Joshua Mills January 2024 The ecology and evolution of the extracellular vesicles of halophilic archaea
Caroline Zeidler December 2023 Bioplastic-eating animals: Polyhydroxyalkanoate degrading enzymes in a chemosymbiotic worm
Patric Bourceau December 2023 Establishing a model system to unravel metabolic interactions in the Bathymodiolin symbiosis
Paloma Garrido Amador November 2023 Microbial physiology of nitric-oxide transforming microorganisms
Farooq Jalaluddin November 2023 Unraveling the interplay of microbial activity and transport at the microscale
Hannah Zehnle October 2023 Characterization of microorganisms mediating anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation in marine sediments
Laura Johanna Gebhard October 2023 Genetic and biochemical characterisation of plasmid vesicles & other virus-like elements in Archaea
Margarita Kniaziuk October 2023 Physiology and genomics of new marine methane-oxidizing bacteria
Jan von Arx September 2023 Nitrous oxide formation and consumption in contrasting oxygen-depleted environments
Tomas Alarcon Schumacher September 2023 Virus-host interactions during chronic infections and the diversity and evolution of Pleolipoviruses
Marion Jespersen August 2023 Structural and biochemical characterization of enzymes used by anaerobic energy extremophiles for sulfur and carbon transformation
Nevena Maslac August 2023 Structural and biochemical characterisation of N2-assimilation system and its regulation in thermophilic methanogenic archaea
Hagen Buck-Wiese June 2023 Enzymatic diversification and brown algae as sources of complex glycans in the marine dissolved organic carbon reservoir
Annika Schnakenberg March 2023 Marine microbial Fe(III) and Mn(IV) reduction in methanic sediments
David Benito Merino February 2023 Exploring the upper temperature limit of microbial alkane degradation
Sebastian Miksch December 2022 Microbial polysaccharide utilization in sandy surface sediments
Taylor Priest November 2022 Molecular ecological characterization of high latitude bacterioplankton
Magda Cardozo Mino November 2022 Microbial community dynamics in polar seas
Andrea Castillejos Sepulveda September 2022 Microscale cycling of arsenic and iron impacts the regulation of cyanobacterial photosynthesis
Tina Enders July 2022 Distribution and physiology of Alphaproteobacteria living in symbiosis with marine gutless oligochaetes
Bledina Dede June 2022 Microbial ecology of deep-sea hydrothermal plumes
Elisa Merz June 2022 The dark side of diatoms:
Diatoms link nitrate respiration to sulphide oxidation while fixing CO2
Laura Zeugner March 2022 Visualization of cell-specific traits in marine picoplankton populations
Clarissa Karthäuser December 2021 The role of marine particles for nitrogen loss from oxygen minimum zones
Maximilian Franke December 2021 Changing perspectives – from ecology to cellular biology in the bathymodioline symbiosis
Stefanos Banos November 2021 Application of a developed high-throughput community analysis toolset to describe the spatial and temporal dynamics of aquatic mycoplankton communities
Anna Mankowski November 2021 From genomes to communities: Evolution of symbionts associated with globally distributed marine invertebrates
Cedric Hahn November 2021 Ecology and genomics of Archaea involved in anaerobic oxidation of ethane
Hendrikje Seifert October 2021 Biodiversity related (meta)data and their link to the Nagoya protocol: Integrative and semantic efforts towards FAIR data reveal and address data challenges around the Nagoya policy framework
Miriam Philippi October 2021 Moving beyond cyanobacteria: Biogeochemical role of elusive marine N2-fixers
Marit van Erk September 2021 Microbial activity in energy – rich and redox-variable ecosystems
Anneke Heins August 2021 Identification and isolation of heterotrophic marine particle-associated bacteria
Dolma Michellod July 2021 Investigating the lipid profile of animal-microbe symbioses
Chiara Vanni July 2021 A computational framework to study microbial genes of unknown function
Sina Schorn July 2021 Microbial methane metabolism in freshwater and marine environments
Merle Ücker April 2021 Metagenomic analyses of a deep-sea mussel symbiosis
Malin Tietjen January 2021 Physiology and ecology of deep-sea Bathymodiolus symbioses
Miguel Gonzalez Porras November 2020 Molecular biology of the bacterial intranuclear parasite Ca. Endonucleobacter
Julia Dürschlag November 2020 Highly adapted microbial communities drive dinitrogen fixation and export production in the South Pacific Gyre
Stefanie Elferink October 2020 Molecular diversity of microeukaryotes: linking biodiversity and functional diversity within the water column
Nina Bartlau October 2020 Diversity and function of phages modulating North Sea bacteria
Sidika Hackbusch October 2020 Potentially pathogenic Vibrio species in the German Bight, North Sea
Thomas Ben
September 2020 Proteogenomics of Marine Polysaccharide Utilisation
August 2020 The Impact of Environmental Changes on the Microbial Community Dynamics and Abundance of Pathogenic Vibrio species in Coastal Ecosystems
July 2020 Flow sorting of marine bacteria for targeted metabolic studies
April 2020 Cor­re­la­ti­ve mass-spec­tro­me­try ima­ging of ani­mal-mi­cro­be sym­bio­sis
March 2020 Sym­bio­tic N2 fixa­ti­on in the Me­di­ter­ra­ne­an se­agrass Po­si­do­nia ocea­ni­ca
March 2020 Phy­si­cal and che­mi­cal pro­per­ties of sin­gle mi­cro­bi­al cells
January 2020 Degradation of recalcitrant algal polysaccharides by marine microbes
Garín Fernández
October 2019 Viruses in the North Sea: viromics and prophage genomics
September 2019 Improvements in natural product biosynthetic gene clusters research and functional trait-based approaches in metagenomics
August 2019 In situ growth and organic nitrogen utilization by the main nitrifiers in the ocean
August 2019 From microstructures to macroscale carbon export - influences of marine snow composition on settling velocity and microbial colonization
Thanh Loan
July 2019 Microbial composition in biofloc-based shrimp aquaculture systems
June 2019 Study of diversity and function of the marine key group Vis6 with cultivation-independent methods
June 2019 Carbon metabolism of methylotrophic methanogens and Asgard archaea in marine sediments
Rovi Alfiansah
May 2019 Microbiome in shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei aquaculture: dynamic changes and bacterial lifestyles
May 2019 Insights into the interaction of Marinobacter adhaerens with the diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii by comparative mutant analysis
May 2019 It's all about the base: Marine biofilms in the plastic age
March 2019 Strain diversity and evolution in endosymbionts of Bathymodiolus mussels
March 2019 Particles in the spotlight: A measure of aquaculture impact
March 2019 Polysaccharide utilization loci and associated genes in marine Bacteroidetes - compositional diversity and ecological relevance
Laso Perez
December 2018 Unravelling the molecular basis of the anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons in archaea
Eddie Fadeev December 2018 Dynamics of pelagic microbial communities in the Arctic Ocean
Oliver Jäckle December 2018 Evolution and physiology of the Paracatenula symbiosis
David Aromokeye November 2018 Iron oxide driven 'methane cycling' in Helgoland Mud Area methanic sediments
Burak Avci September 2018 Niches of abundant heterotrophic bacteria during North Sea spring algal blooms
Josephine Rapp September 2018 Diversity and function of microbial communities in the Arctic Ocean
Tanja Fischer August 2018 Surface structures and taxonomy of marine Flavobacteriia
Niels Schoffelen June 2018 The impact of phosphorus limitation on N2 fixation
Lennart Kappelmann May 2018 Some like it sweet - Genomic Analyses of Polysaccharide Utilization in Marine Flavobacteriia
Beatriz E. Noriega Ortega May 2018 Chemodiversity of marine dissolved organic matter and marine bacterial exometabolomes
Edinson Puentes Cala April 2018 The anaerobic monoterpene metabolism in Castellaniella defragrans
Jon Graf January 2018 Microbial oxidation of methane in stratified freshwater lakes
Clara Martinez Perez November 2017 Dominant marine diazotrophs and their impact on oceanic N2 fixation
Kwee Boon Brandon Seah October 2017 The bacterial ectosymbionts of the ciliate Kentrophoros
Cameron Callbeck September 2017 Cryptic sulfur cycling and denitrification in the Peruvian upwelling: key microbes and processes
Jana Kizina September 2017 Insights into the biology of Candidate Division OP3 LiM populations
David Probandt September 2017 Microbial Ecology of Subtidal Sandy Sediments
Meghan Chafee June 2017 The ecology and temporal dynamics of North Sea marine microbial communities
Katy Hoffmann June 2017 Identifying key bacteria and their ecological functions in Arctic deep-sea sediments
Greta Reintjes April 2017 Taxonomic and Function Analyses of Marine Microbial Polysaccharide Utilisation
Anny Cárdenas January 2017 Bacterial response to elevated dissolved organic carbon in coral reef ecosystems
Jasmine Berg November 2016 Transient intermediates in the microbial Fe & S cycles
Soeren Ahmerkamp September 2016 Regulation of oxygen dynamics in sandy sediments
Kin Ovanesov July 2016 Chlorophyll degradation by marine aerobic bacteria
Lizbeth Sayavedra Camacho July 2016 Host-symbiont interactions and metabolism of chemosynthetic symbiosis in deep-sea Bathymodiolus mussels
Dimitri Meier June 2016 Bacterial niche adaptation at hydrothermal vents
Christiane Hassenrück June 2016 Implications of ocean acidification for microbial life and for microbial interaction
Adrian Assie June 2016 Deep Se(a)quencing : Exploring a bathymodiolin ectosymbiosis
Juliane Wippler June 2016 Characterization of host-symbiont molecular interactions and evolutionary relationships in the gutless oligochaete Olavius algarvensis
Stefan Dyksma April 2016 Identification and activity of bacteria consuming key intermediates of carbon and sulfur cycling in coastal sands
Emmo Hamann March 2016 Syntrophy in anaerobic protist-bacterial communities
Saar Sztejrenszus February 2016 Effect of humic substances on microbial community composition and iron reduction in marine sediments
Mario Schimak January 2016 Transmission of bacterial symbionts in the gutless oligochaete Olavius algarvensis
Jimena Barrero Canosa December 2015 Systematic optimization of the detection of single genes in microorganism by fluorescence in situ hybridization (Gene FISH)
Marion Stagars December 2015 Ecophysiology and genomics of key sulfate-reducing bacteria involved in anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation at marine gas and oil seeps
Julia Schnetzer December 2015 On the feasibility to engage heterogeneous communities in data gathering, sharing and enrichment
Robert Marmulla December 2015 The linalool metabolism in Castellaniella defragrans 65Phen and Thauera linaloolentis 47Lol
Judith Klatt December 2015 Cyanobacteria and hydrogen sulfide: Insights into an (ancient) love-hate relationship
Viola Krukenberg December 2015 Novel insights into the physiology and genomics of thermophilic anaerobic methane-oxidizing consortia
Judith Lucas November 2015 Spatiotemporal dynamic of the bacterial community in the German Bight
Oluwatobi Oni October 2015 Structure and function of microorganisms in the methanic sediments of the Helgoland mud area, North Sea, Germany
Marina Zure September 2015 Biogeography of Rhodopirellula in European coastal sediments
Judith Zimmermann July 2015 Diversity, specificity and evolutionary history of marine invertebrate symbioses and functions of the sulfur-oxidizing symbionts
Gerdhard Jessen Reyes June 2015 Ecosystem response to hypoxia: what can marine benthos tell us?
Rene Erler January 2015 Identification and characterization of Vibrio species
Jasmin Seifried December 2014 Diversity and dynamics of bacterial populations in marine bioaerosols
Gabriela Alfaro Espinoza November 2014 A bacteria-plant model system to study nitrogen fixation in mangrove ecosystems
Mar Fernández Méndez October 2014 Primary productivity in Arctic sea ice and ocean
Stephanie Müller September 2014 Experimental evolution of Paracoccus denitrificans in anoxic chemostats
Zainab Beiruti September 2014 Selective effects of transient oxygen and nitrate exposure on sulfate reducing / fermentative consortia
Anna Hanke September 2014 Continuous cultivation of Janssand microbial communities response to varying oxygen concentrations and temperatures
Beate Kraft September 2014 Competition in nitrate-reducing microbial communities
Helena Osterholz July 2014 From freshly produced compounds to refractory molecules - tracing sources and fate of dissolved organic matter in the ocean
Petra Pjevac May 2014 Co-existence and niche differentiation of sulfur oxidizing bacteria in marine environments
Stefan Häusler May 2014 Springs of Life in the Dead Sea
Mina Bizic-Ionescu April 2014 Polyphasic comparison of limnic and marine particle-associated bacteria
Hannah Marchant March 2014 The coastal sand filter and its role as a biocatalyst of nitrogen transformations
Jessica Füssel March 2014 Nitrite oxidation in oceanic oxygen minimum zones
Christin Bennke March 2014 Distribution and function of marine Bacteroidetes
Stefano Romano March 2014 Response to phosphate limitation of Pseudovibrio sp. FO-BEG1, a versatile bacterium with the potential for a symbiotic lifestyle
Wenjin Hao February 2014 Bacterial communities associated with Jellyfish
Arjun Chennu February 2014 Hyperspectral mapping of the microscale dynamics of microphytobenthos
Emil Ruff December 2013 Microbial community ecology of marine methan seeps
December 2013 Chemolithotrophic and chemohetero- trophic microorganisms in sediment - and rock-hosted hydrothermal systems
October 2013 The role of unicellular cyanobacteria in nitrogen fixation and assimilation in subtropical marine waters
October 2013 Polyphosphate storage in the family Beggiatoaceae with a focus on the species Beggiatoa alba
June 2013 Cultivation of Flavobacteria and other in situ abundant bacteria from the North Sea
Torres Monroy
May 2013 Identification of bacterial genes required for diatom-bacteria interactions
Stefan Thiele May 2013 The role of specific microbial communities in the biological carbon pump
Abdul R. Sheik December 2012 Viral regulation on nutrient assimilation by algae and prokaryotes
Manuel Kleiner December 2012 Metabolism and evolutionary ecology of chemosynthetic symbionts from marine invertebrates
I Gusti N.A.
October 2012 Fluorescent dissolved organic matter (FDOM) in the coastal ocean: characterization, biogeochemical processes, and the possibility of in situ monitoring
Cecilia Wentrup October 2012 Acquisition and activity of bacterial symbionts in marine invertebrates
Anna Klindworth October 2012 RNA based research - development, application and analysis within the MIMAS project
Pop Ristova
July 2012 Biogeochemical activity and associated biodiversity at reduced deep-sea hotspot ecosystems
Tim Kalvelage July 2012 Nitrogen losses and nutrient regeneration in oxygen minimum zones
Pier Buttigieg July 2012 Investigating environment-specific signatures of marine pelagic microbes: Insights from comparative genomics
Dennis Enning June 2012 Bioelectrical corrosion of iron by lithotrophic sulfate-reducing bacteria
Sara Kleindienst May 2012 Hydrocarbon-degrading sulfate-reducing bacteria in marine hydrocarbon seep sediments
Chia-I Huang March 2012 Molecular ecology of free-living chemoautotrophic microbial communities at a shallow-sea hydrothermal vent
Shalin Seebah March 2012 Molecular and ecological analysis of cellular attachment and induction of transparent exopolymeric particle formation in diatom-bacterie interactions
Alexandra Meziti February 2012 Molecular diversity of bacterial communities from the digestive tract of Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) individuals in natural and reared populations
Pelin Yilmaz December 2011 Improving the usage of ribosomal RNA genes in microbiology and microbial ecology - Importance of standardization and biocuration
Elmar Prüsse December 2011 Scaleable bioinformatic methods and resources for ribosomal RNA based studies
Julia Rosa
de Rezende
November 2011 Thermophilic endospores in Aarhus Bay and Svalbard sediments: Insight into the dispersal of marine microorganisms
Ulrike Jaekel October 2011 Anaerobic oxidation of short-chain and cyclic alkanes by sulfate-reducing bacteria
Mariette Kassabgy October 2011 Diversity and abundance of gammaproteobacteria during the winter-spring transition at station Kabeltonne (Helgoland)
Dennis Fink October 2011 Dynamics in symbiont abundance in bathymodiolin deep-sea symbioses
Jan Erik Rau July 2011 Characterisation of inhibitory substances produced by two Pseudoalteromonas species and the cyanobacterial strain Flo 1
Kyoko Kubo July 2011 Autecology of crenarchaeotal and bacterial clades in marine sediments and microbial mats
Clelia Dona July 2011 Mobilization of sulfur by green sulfur bacteria - Physiological and molecular studies on Chlorobaculum parvum DSM 263
Joanna Sawicka June 2011 Arctic to tropic - adaptation and response of anaerobic microorganisms to temperature effects in marine sediments
Wolfgang Hankeln May 2011 Data integration in microbial genomics: Contextualizing sequence data in aid of biological knowledge
Ivaylo Kostadinov May 2011 Marine Metagenomics: From high-throughput data to ecogenomic interpretation
Sabine Lenk March 2011 Molecular ecology of key organisms in sulfur and carbon cycling in marine sediments
Basak Öztürk March 2011 Assessing the genetic accessibility of Rhodopirellula baltica SH 1
Sonja Oberbeckmann March 2011 Vibrio spp. in the German Bight
Jana Milucka February 2011 Dissimilatory sulfur metabolism coupled to anaerobic oxidation of methane
Eva Käppel January 2011 Taxonomic and genetic analysis of Marinobacter sp. HP15 and its chemotactic behaviour towards the diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii
Ilaria Pizzetti December 2010 Abundance, distribution and diversity of planktonic Planctomycetes in coastal zones
Thomas Holler December 2010 Physiological investigation of the anaerobic oxidation of methane
Petra Brandt December 2010 The bacterial community of marine copepods
Mohammad Al-Najjar December 2010 Flow of light energy in benthic photosynthetic microbial mats
Rita Dunker December 2010 Motility of the giant sulfur bacteria Beggiatoa in the marine environment
Angélique Gobet December 2010 Microbial community ecology of temperate coastal sands
Sandra Schöttner December 2010 Bacterial habitat differentiation in cold- and warm-water coral reef ecosystems
Luciana Raggi Hoyos October 2010 Bacterial-bivalve associations, from an asphalt cold seep to shallow waters
Lars Schreiber August 2010 Assessing the genetic potential of uncultivated sulfate reducing bacteria
Maya Robert July 2010 Importance of polysaccharides for the cycling of minerals and trace elements in the ocean
Karina Stucken Marin June 2010 Physiogenomics of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii and Raphidiopsis brookii (Cyanobacteria) with Emphasis on Evolution, Nitrogen Control and Toxin Biosynthesis
Astrid Gärdes May 2010 A bilateral model system for the molecular investigation of diatom-bacteria interactions
Paola Gomez April 2010 Marine Bacteroidetes: distribution patterns and role in the degradation of organic matter
Caroline Verna April 2010 Phylogeny and diversity of symbionts from whale fall invertebrates
Melissa Duhaime March 2010 Exploring the Marine Virosphere - From genome context to content
Cristina Moraru March 2010 Fluorescence in situ hybridization of genes in environmental microbiology
Laura Wehrmann March 2010 Early diagenetic signals in modern & ancient cold-water coral reef sediments
Britta Knefelkamp January 2010 An investigation of the eukaryotic picoplankton community in the German North Sea by different methods
Annina Hube December 2009 Molecular Biological and Physiological Investigations on Heterotrophic Bacteria associated with Marine Filamentous Cyanobacteria
Janine Felden October 2009 Methan fluxes and associated biogeochemical processes in cold seep ecosystems
Julia Arnds September 2009 Molecular characterization of microbial populations in methane-rich marine habitats
Alberto Robador September 2009 Temperature control of bacterial carbon mineralization processes in marine sediments
Torben Stürmann September 2009 Der bakterielle Schwefelkreislauf im Benguela-Auftriebssystem
Jillian Petersen September 2009 Diversity and ecology of chemosynthetic symbioses in deep-sea invertebrates
Wilbert Serrano July 2009 A multi-gene approach in the systematics of the phototrophic purple sulfur bacteria genera Marichromatium and Allochromatium with description of the new species Allochromatium humboldttianum and the new biotype Marichromatium gracile biotype thermosulfidiphium
Amelia Rotaru June 2009 Anaerobic degradation of limonene and p-xylene in fresh-water enrichment cultures
Frank Schreiber May 2009 Detecting and understanding nitric oxide formation during nitrogen cycling in microbial biofilms
Renzo Kottmann May 2009 Data integration for marine ecological genomics
Daria Zhurina March 2009 Identification and partial characterization of transcriptional regulators involved in temperature-dependent expression of levansucrase in Pseudomonas syringae
Morten Hvitfeldt Iversen March 2009 Carbon turnover in sinking particles in the marine environment
YAN Shi February 2009 Molecular ecology of the NOR5/OM60 group of Gammaproteobacteria
Frank Zielinski September 2008 Geobiological coupling of hydrothermal vent fluids with endosymbiotic primary producers of Bathymodiolus mussels from hydrothermal vents on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Sebastian Steigenberger April 2008 The effect of acidic polysaccarides on the biogeochemistry of iron in the marine environment
Maya Shovitri April 2008 Bacterial communities in the burrow of the lugworm Arenicola marina and community changes on the intertidal muddy sediments by applying terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism
Hoa Nhu
April 2008 New organic substrates for anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria
Susanne Liebner February 2008 Adaptation, spatial variability, and phylogenetic characterization of methanotrophic communi- ties in permafrost soils of the Lena Delta, Siberia
Elsabé Julies January 2008 Microbial ecology of anaerobic carbon mineralization in Namibian self sediments
Jacob H.
September 2007 Regulation of anaerobic catabolism of aromatic compounds and sulfate reduction in Desulfobacula toluolica Tol2
Rosa García Novoa September 2007 Organic matter and meiobenthos in submarine canyons of the Iberian continental margin
Enoma Omoregie July 2007 Function and diversity of marine and hypersaline mat forming microbial communities
Dagmar Wöbken May 2007 Diversity and ecology of marine Planctomycetes with focus on Anammox bacteria
Clemens Borkenstein December 2006 Bioavailability of elemental and biogenic sulfur and biotechnological sulfide removal by green and purple sulfur bacteria
Maren Nickel December 2006 Mineralization pathways and thermophilic sulfate reduction in Arctic sediments, Svalbard
Birte Gerdes July 2006 Impact of crude oil and bioremediation treatments on the composition and degradation efficiency of polar bacterial sea-ice communities
Niculina Musat June 2006 Molecular characterization of symbiotic associations between chemoautotrophic sulfur-oxidizing microorganisms and nematodes in shallow marine sediments
Tina Lösekann March 2006 Molecular characterization of methanotrophic and chemoautotrophic communities at cold seeps
Nils Volkenborn Dec. 2005 Ecosystem enigineering in intertidal sand by the lugworm Arenicola marina
Sebastian Duperron Nov. 2005 Bacterial symbioses in mytilid bivalves associated with cold seeps and hydrothermal vents: diversity, nutritional role and influence of the environment
Cecilia Alonso Oct. 2005 Identity and activity of marine microbial populations as revealed by single cell techniques
Helge Niemann July 2005 Rates and signatures of methane turnover in sediments of continental margins