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First name:Veronique
Last name:Beckers
Thesis Subject:
Metabolic Flux Analysis for Rhodopirellula baltica
2006 - 2009
Bachelor of Bio-science engineering
option cell- and gene biotechnology
Ghent University Belgium
2009 - present
Master of Science : Marine Microbiology
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology Bremen Germany
Scientific Interests and Goals:
The aim of this Master Thesis is to set up a system that enables metabolic flux analysis for Rhodopirellula baltica and to subsequently analysis which pathways are active under different environmental conditions.
The work comprises the experimental generation of data to calculate selected uptake und production rates as well as the set up of an equation system for the metabolism of R. baltica based on genomic information. Algorithms to solve this equation system will be tested with Matlab. In addition, the algorithms will be modified to achieve optimal solution for metabolic flux analysis and to test in silico, which pathways are used in R. baltica under different conditions.
(C. Klockow)