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First name:Tobias
Last name:Vonnahme
Country:Choose your country
Since 10/2014
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen (M.S. Marine Microbiology)
University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice, Czech Republic (Centre for Polar Ecology)
Lab work in České Budějovice (05-06/2014)
Field- and lab work in the Czech research station on Svalbard (06-09/2014)
University of Konstanz (B.S. Biological Sciences)
Bachelor thesis: Microbial community structure in cryoconites in high Arctic glaciers on Svalbard
University centre in Svalbard (UNIS), Longyearbyen, Norway
Arctic Biology
Arctic Technology
Arctic Geophysics
Lessing Gymnasium/ Berufskolleg, Düsseldorf
General higher education
apprenticeship as Biological-technical assistant (BTA)
Scientific Interests and Goals:
My main interests are the interactions and controls in microbial communities in polar region. Particularly, the cryosphere related to marine systems, such as glaciers, ice shelfes, sea ice and ice bergs and the impact of enviornmental changes on the community structures and interactions in these habitats are interesting to me. So far, I mainly studied eukaryotic interactions on glaciers. Namely, the interactions between microalgae, protozoa and microinvertebrates on glaciers were my topics of interest. In the future I would like to extend this field and include prokaryotes and marine systems in the community analysis.