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First name:Rita
Last name:Dunker
Thesis Subject:
Beggiatoa: Who are they, where do they live and what do they do there?
Candidate for PhD with the topic "Investigations on the ecology and distribution of the genus Beggiatoa"

MSc "Microsensor studies on a Beggiatoa mat under changing oxygen concentrations"
Student of the Max-Planck International Research School marmic
Undergraduate studies at the University of Bremen, Germany
Undergraduate studies at the University of Mainz, Germany
Scientific Interests and Goals:
Tactic behaviour of filamentous bacteria
Mechanism of the movement of Beggiatoa
The power of Beggiatoa to shape their environment
Investigation of Beggiatoa repelling or attracting substances
Structural composition of Beggiatoa cells and filaments

Selected Publications:
Beggiatoa spp. mats actively shape their metabolite gradients (Poster)
R. Dunker, H. Røy, A. Boetius, B. B. Jørgensen
ISME 11, 20.8.-25.8.2006 Vienna, Austria