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First name:Leonard
Last name:Rößler
Thesis Subject:
"Open Ocean Heterotrophic Communities Vary Pronouncedly in the Eastern Atlantic and the Southern Ocean"

I analyzed heteroptrophic bacterial communities in the eastern Atlantic and the Southern Ocean via CARD-FISH (targeting SAR11 clade, Gammaproteobacteria, Roseobacter clade and Bacteroidota) combined with automated microscopy, 16S rRNA gene sequencing of surface Atlantic water and absolute cell counts via DAPI staining. All data was put into context with satellite chlorophyll images. For the thesis, I participated in two research cruises on the R/V Polarstern (PS132 and PS133/1). The thesis aimed to test (i) the correspondence of oceanic Longhurst provinces with the bacterial community, and (ii) heterotrophic bacterial response to phytoplankton blooms and (iii) to screen samples for promising further in-depth metagenomic analyses.
Scientific Interests and Goals:
Microbial Ecology, Biochemistry, Marine Glycobiology