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First name:Judith
Last name:Klatt
Thesis Subject:
Regulation of photosynthetic activity in sulphidic environments
since 04/2009
Ph.D. student
Microsensor group
Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany
10/2007 – 03/2009
MSc. in Marine Microbiology
International Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany
Master’s thesis: 'Role of light in oxygen and carbon cycling by anoxygenic phototrophs in microbial mats'
10/2003 – 09/2007
BSc. in Life Science
Leibnitz Universitaet Hannover, Germany
Bachelor’s thesis: ‘T-RFLP analysis of Planctomycetes in marine sediments’
07/2007 – 09/2007
Visiting student:
CIIMAR (Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental), Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Project: Isolation and characterization of Planctomycetes (Pirellula group)
07/2006 - 09/2006
Visiting student
Instituto de Ciencia y Technologia de los Alimentos, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina
Project: 'Diminution of economic losses in the agro-industrial production by mycotoxins'
08/2005 - 01/2006
Study abroad semester
Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Scientific Interests and Goals:
In the Frasassi cave system, Italy, sulfidic streams and pools are colonized by aerobic chemolithoautotrophic biofilms. Upon emergence of this water from the caves, light becomes available and gives rise to biofilms that are additionally inhabited by highly abundant phototrophic microorganisms. The main objectives of my PhD project are (1) to deepen our understanding of cyanobacterial activity in such sulphidic environments and (2) to elucidate the interaction between the two major biofilm architects cyanobacteria and Beggiatoa.