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First name:Britta
Last name:Knefelkamp
Thesis Subject:
Examination of ecological and structural correlations of Micromonas sp. (Prasinophyceae) from different habitats and its role in the marine foodweb
since 2005
PhD at the BAH, Foundation Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Marine Station
1999 - 2004
Universität Bremen
subjects: marine biology, botany, biochemistry
Diploma thesis "A comparison between different methods to determine phytoplankton composition" in summer 2004.
Scientific Interests and Goals:
Because the ecosystem of our world is the basis of all life, I directed my education towards the understanding of this underlying structure. In my PhD project I investigate the smallest single celled algae (0.2-3µm), that form the basis of the marine food web. I am interested in general biological processes; particularly in marine ecology. This includes organism diversity, abiotic factors and general correlations in the marine and coastal ecosystem. Furthermore, I want to know how these issues impact on politics, economics and society in general. To this end, I like to work with others (co-operating internationally in particular) in a friendly and professional manner for the benefit and better understanding of all concerned.

Personal aim:
My aim is to do all I possibly can to help save the world for “mice and man”. I want to encourage people to become more aware of environmental issues and related social problems and would like to help in promoting these issues. I want to influence the way people think, and play a part in making the world a better and safer place for all its various “inhabitants”. To get a broader picture of how the marine food web functions in parallel with such international affairs like politics and economics, I enhance my specific knowledge with related studies that are more diverse but equally global in nature. I am determined to use my knowledge and abilities to make a positive change to something I hold important in our world; biological diversity.
Selected Publications:
Knefelkamp, B., Carstens, K., Wiltshire, K. H.(2007).Comparison of different filter types on chlorophyll-a retention and nutrient measurements, JEMBE, in press.

R.B. Wynn, B. Knefelkamp (2004): Seabird distribution and oceanic upwelling off northwest Africa; British Birds Vol. 97 No. 7 (323-335)

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