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Finances & Expenses

I. Tuition fees and Registration
As a general rule, tuition fees for German universities are paid by the German government. This is also true for the Marine Microbiology Graduate and Postgraduate Program (tuition fees waived).
The general administration fee for registration at the University of Bremen is about 390 Euro per semester.

II. Living Costs
Living costs (including accommodation in a student dormitory and health insurance) in Bremen range from 900 to 950 Euro per month for a single person, depending on life style.

III. Housing
Single rooms are available in student dormitories, administered by the Studierendenwerk Bremen (monthly rent of approximately 400 Euro).
Housing off-campus (mostly private) is usually more expensive but offers a wider range of options. Additional information in finding housing off-campus is offered by the International Office of the University of Bremen. The program coordination office will also assist in reserving a dormitory room upon request.

IV. Health insurance
German health insurance is obligatory for all students.

V. Financial Aid
All applicants are encouraged to apply for scholarships in their home country, from governmental, corporate and foundation funds, for grants from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), or other sources.

  • M.Sc. Scholarships
    There are a limited number of additional scholarships available through the program. If you want to apply for one of them, please explain your financial situation and your need for financial aid on a separate form (attached to your application for admission to the program). Admission to the program is unaffected by the need for financial aid! Students who do not receive a room and board scholarship from other sources can apply for two kinds of program scholarships after they have been accepted:

    - matching fund scholarship:
    successful grant applications by students for basic support from external sources (e.g. governmental, corporate or foundation grants) will be matched by a program scholarship of an equal amount (up to 220 Euro per month).

    220 Euro external grant + 220 Euro matching fund (program) = 440 Euro total per month.

    - full scholarship:
    a very limited number of full room and board scholarships (up to 900 Euro per month) will be available through the program.

  • Financial Aid for Ph.D. students
    Students who enter the PhD program after the first year of intensive training receive funding (approximately 1400-1500 Euro per month) from one of a variety of sources, including individual fellowships, research grants, corporate and foundation funds, or University and departmental funds.