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Application for Admission

The MarMic Online APPLICATION FORM and all required documents (see checklist below) must be submitted electronically. Please fill in in English.

Additionally we also need a paper version of all required documents in duplicate (two copies)! Send the completed application by air mail or surface mail to the MarMic coordination office.

MarMic Coordination Office / Admissions Committee
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology
Celsiusstr. 1
D-28359 Bremen

phone: +49 421 2028-700
fax: +49 421 2028-580

Your application must include the following documents:

For the

Online MarMic Application Form

please click here!

If you already have received your login and password, proceed
to the MarMic Application Login.

Please note:

M.Sc. Applicants - Additional Requirement

The above mentioned forms are required for the restricted admission to MarMic. Additionally you have to apply for admission with all required documents at the University of Bremen!

For details about the Application Procedure at the University of Bremen please check the
- Masterportal and fill in the
by Creating an MSc Application Account.
If you already registered at the University of Bremen you can directly continue your application.