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Summer Schools

Summer schools (1-2 weeks) are held by the IMPRS faculty and leading international scientists. Two different types of workshops will be offered:

I. Technique workshops in Bremen: new, highly specialized techniques are introduced in theory and practice, such as DNA microarrays, microautoradiography in combination with in situ hybridization, flow cytometry, advanced microscopy, optodes and biological sensors, stable isotope approaches, etc.

II. Habitat workshops at field sites of interest: workshops are held at selected sites with intriguing or unique habitats for the study of microorganisms. The study sites are sampled and investigated in an interdisciplinary approach, with students and faculty participating in a hands-on program. Sampling theory and results are discussed on a daily basis and summarized at the end of the workshop in a written report.

Possible sites of interest that have already been studied in group research projects at the MPI-MM, University of Bremen, Jacobs University Bremen, and AWI include intertidal sand flats (List/Sylt), the Mediterranean (Elba, Mallorca), the North Sea (Helgoland or research vessels), Bodden areas in the Baltic Sea, and meromiktic alpine lakes (Lago Cadagno, Switzerland).