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Soft Skills Training

Additional to the excellent scientific an technical training soft skills courses are offered to help students learn skills that are just as important for their future careers in science and industry. These include the ability to communicate with peers, supervisors, and employees, the ability to work in a team, the ability to manage time well and work effectively, and the ability to coordinate one’s personal and professional life. MarMic has therefore developed a unique course set of soft skills for its students together with two external professional trainers.

Module 1: Communication
General issues of communication, issues of communication in Western European countries, communication in difficult situations (conflicts)

Module 2: Self- and Time-Management
How to deal with limited resources, e.g. in a project? What is my personal vision, what do I really want to achieve?

Module 3: Moderation and Presentation
Audience oriented presentations. Preparation and leadership of meetings.

Module 4: Interpersonal qualities
Leadership style (Which style fits my personality?) Working with colleagues and employees (praise and critique, agreements on objectives, etc.)