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First name:Ann
Last name:Puschell
Country:United States
Thesis Subject:
Cultivation and Enumeration of Deep Sea Microorganisms from Marine Sediments taken from the South Pacific Gyre
MarMIC student at the MPI for Marine Microbiology
Graduate Student in Microbiology at the University of Chicago
Undergraduate Studies at UC Berkeley
Received Bachelor's Degree in Microbial Biology
Scientific Interests and Goals:
My interest is to study the microbial community in sediments from the South Pacific Gyre, which has the lowest level of primary production of the world's oceans. Less than ten meters of sediment has accumulated on the ocean floor over 80 million year making this habitat extremely oligotrophic. I participated in a six week research cruise in December 2006/January 2007 to investigate the microbiology of the gyre. Cell enumeration and cultivation are the primary goals of my project. I hope to identify and isolate bacterial species which have adapted to the harsh conditions of the gyre.