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First name: Mohammad
Last name: Al Najjar
Country: Germany
Thesis Subject:
Flow of energy in the benthic photosynthetic microbial mats
March, 2007 Master in Marine Microbiology/ Max-Planck institute for marine microbiology-Germany
1990-1994 BSc. in biological Sciences/ Yarmouk University-Jordan
Scientific Interests and Goals:
- Microsensors
- Microbial mats
- Photosynthesis & light energy conservation.
Selected Publications:
- Al-Najjar, M.A.A., de Beer, D., Jørgensen, B.B., Kühl, M., Polerecky, L., 2010. Conversion and conservation of light energy in a photosynthetic microbial mat ecosystem. The ISME Journal 4, 440-449.
- Polerecky L., Bissett B., Al-Najjar M., Faerber P., Osmers H., Suci P.A., Stoodley P., and de Beer D., Modular Spectral Imaging System for Discrimination of Pigments in Cells and Microbial Communities., 2009, Appl. Environ. Microbiol., Vol. 75: 758–771.
- Abed R., Polerecky L., Al Najjar M., de Beer D., Effect of temperature on photosynthesis, oxygen consumption and sulfide production in an extremely hypersaline cyanobacterial mat, 2006, Aquat Microb Ecol, Vol. 44: 21–30